Why learning Spanish should be one of your resolutions for 2019

We always start every new year, thinking about goals to reach the year coming, such as going to the gym, learn a new language, eat healthier, travel more, spend more time with friends…but for several reason probably today, January 15 you have forgotten about them…Well I encourage you to try to keep that particular goal to learn a new language still with you as I am going to give you the reason why you should, and particularly why that language should be Spanish, reaching that goal, it will help you to reach the others, learn Spanish is about discipline and motivation and that would led you in the rest of the aspects. Spanish is one of the most spoken languages over the world, so it does not feel as a foreign language anymore, I bet you have had the feeling Spanish population is increasing wherever you go, or you are planning your next trip to Spain or South America? Or may be you have a lot of customers in Latin America?Have you thought how good it would be if you could communicate when you are on holidays in their own language? It would feel great and people will be gratefully you have made the effort to interact with them in their languages so it will make your experiences more enjoyable, and you won’t need to rely in the others thinking they will able to understand English… that is the excuse for the travellers.

But I have a good reason for people who are work minded as well…the Latin American market as you would know is growing, a boom has been experimented, and Latin America has become in a great market to target for its amount of population, as you also would know is not difficult to make business there or with them except for one thing…the language…is a big handicap isn’t so…most of them can speak English so …why don’t try to close a deal in their language? Or even more…why not try start a deal in Spanish? I am sure that would make a different as probably they work with numerous companies, but probably not many are able to hold a conversation, even if it is not a long one, just a simple “hola, buenos dias”some basics which will you in a preference position. Also if you are looking to develop a career or you try to make luck in another country, you probably go to a country you can communicate, that make your options smaller, but what if you could speak Spanish too…that would multiply your choices.

I have a reason for those one whom are not interested either travelling or business…but they enjoy relaxing with a good book or movie…even a song! Latin literature is one of the oldest and we have some brilliant classic, think it will be much more rewarding to read in the original language? Same with movies, we have some great directors and even if the movies have been translated into your language, it is never the same satisfaction like if you can understand in the language they were filmed in, and how great it will feel when you can understand that Spanish hit song is always on the radio?

Also I have a proved point and it is…health, lately several studies have showed people who are able to speak in another language, are less likely to develop Alzheimer or dementia. Also bilingual people is been proved to react better until stress or unexpected situations, as they are able to see out of the box easily.

And if you are social, this is definitely a hobby for you, yes I said hobby, as it should be a hobby, as that what it should be, learning Spanish in groups will help you to meet new people, people you will have things in common so you will create links, make it an experience, also it will not take you the whole day or an effort…as Spanish can be made fun, and a way to keep your brain moving, the same way you go to the gym to keep our body fit… why would you not do the same with your brain? The effort is less and it is also rewarding. you have that feeling when you do exercise and come back home feeling complete…something similar will happen when you left the class thinking you were able to speak/think in another language.

How many more reason do you need??I think you have enough at least to give a Spanish a go!

Challenge yourself to learn Spanish and let me help that happens.

So hopefully I hear from you soon!

Augusto Restrepo

Augusto is the founder of Spanish for America, and a Spanish Instructor based in the United States. He is a professional translator and business language consultant, who focuses on the correct use of the Spanish language for advertising, media, promotional campaigns, television and radio. He also advises individuals and businesses on new structures for intercultural relationships with Spanish Language communities, countries and markets.

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